The Masai Mara is world famous for big game. Together with the adjoining Serengeti it is one of the only places in the world where it is still possible to see vast herds of grazing animals. And attracted by those huge herds, the predators:lion, leopard, cheetah and more. Let your local guide take you on a day and evening game drive in a specialized, open vehicle, or take pleasure in birding and walking excursions. Community guiding offers the unique insights into the local habitat for which we are famous. Wildlife and game viewing excursions into the Masai Mara Game Reserve are fantastic events that linger in your memories forever! You get to see unique species, some of which come around to within hailing distance.


Mara Safari isn’t only about seeing the “Big 5”,the Mara is also home to a wide variety of birds. The bird list totals over 450 species. Six out of the seven species of Kenyan Vulture (Egyptian, Hooded, Griffon, Nubian, White-backed and White-headed) can be seen in the game reserve, with only the Lammergeier missing. But it isn’t just carrion eaters that can be found in this area, You can spot the large and highly conspicuous Common Ostrich, to the small (but still conspicuous) Cardinal Quelea. From the ever-present White-bellied Go-away-bird to its two uncommon relatives, the Bare-faced Go-away-bird and the Eastern Grey Plantain-eater. The Mara is also home to three relatively uncommon Woodpeckers (Golden-tailed, Little Spotted and Fine-banded). If you get really lucky, the Mara River provides an opportunity to spot the rare and elusive African Finfoot. The Mara is also one of the most likely spots for the Blue Quail, a rare intra African migrant.


Well worth it, a recommended activity in the Masai Mara National Reserve is the balloon safari. Early in the pre-dawn, you will be driven to the departure site. Floating through the crisp morning air, the view of the surrounding landscape, the rising of the sun between the mountains, and the congregation of the animals at the river is breathtaking.  This concludes with a champagne breakfast, creating memories of a lifetime.

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