A section of the circular lounge roof gently curves to shelter the dining room with its huge chandeliers. Off to one side, our buffet area is in a large annex with a spectacular, granite-topped live cooking area. The delicious food consists ofContinental, Swahili (Kenya Coast), and Mediterranean cuisines, often with a mouthwateringly subtle fusion of all threefares. These are complementedby a selection of home baked breads and garden fresh fruits and vegetables.

The dining room includesa large, outdoor patio with makuti thatched roof-shaded tables for those who wish to enjoy an open air meal during the day, or delight in our often warm and balmy evenings.


The lounge area in the main public area building is split into upper and lower levels. The main bar is located between these levels. It’swalls were built using mazeras and zebra painted panel finish. Enjoy the cozy ambience, romantically subtle concealed lighting, tall, locally made bar stools, and tasty cocktails.